A new perspective for investors

On Wednesday 9 June we hosted our virtual EMEA Investor Perspectives event. Our expert panel provided invaluable new insights for investors, as they shape their future strategies in a real estate landscape being radically altered by changing human behaviours and needs, technology and the drive for net zero carbon.
Shortly you will able to access a recording of the event on this page. In the meantime, please see below the event summary and list of speakers.

Real estate is a resilient asset class. It has endured world wars, recessions, technological change, climate threats, political, social and economic upheaval and, most recently, a global pandemic. 
Working, living and shopping habits have permanently shifted and traditional real estate investment approaches are being challenged. Now investors need to recalibrate their strategies to balance current market realities with long-term objectives.
From repositioning their capital and product strategies, diversifying into new sectors and locations and repurposing existing assets, it’s time for investors to take a new perspective and shape the future of real estate.
A future where individuals will redefine the value of real estate as they increasingly expect ‘more’ - flexibility, choice, purpose, experience, engagement - from the buildings and environments in which they work, live, shop or ‘play’. Discover what this means for corporates and investors. 

Meet our panel

Keith Barr,CEO - IHG ® Hotels & Resorts
Keith Barr
CEO - IHG ® Hotels & Resorts
Méka Brunel,CEO - Gecina
Méka Brunel
CEO - Gecina
Andy Poppink,CEO, EMEA Markets - JLL
Andy Poppink
CEO, EMEA Markets - JLL
Alice Charles,Lead, Cities, Infrastructure & Urban Services - World Economic Forum
Alice Charles
Lead, Cities, Infrastructure & Urban Services - World Economic Forum
Matthew Richards,CEO Capital Markets, EMEA - JLL
Matthew Richards
CEO Capital Markets, EMEA - JLL
James Ashton,Business commentator and author, Panel moderator
James Ashton
Business commentator and author, Panel moderator

Our speakers

Stephanie Hyde,CEO, UK - JLL. Host
Stephanie Hyde
CEO, UK - JLL. Host
Adam Challis,Executive Director, EMEA Capital Markets Research & Strategy - JLL. Investor insights
Adam Challis
Executive Director, EMEA Capital Markets Research & Strategy - JLL. Investor insights
Recording of our EMEA Investor Perspectives event coming soon!