What if repositioning could deliver greater returns and reduce risk?

Recalibrating strategies

Could a change in capital or product strategy uncover returns, reduce risk and deliver value even during volatile periods?

By 2022, the market is expected to recover and renew as workers return to the office and pent-up demand propels retail sales. Alternative sectors such as living, logistics and life sciences will see a surge of activity, and investors will forge ahead with impact investment initiatives. As such, investment and capital strategies suited to the pre-pandemic landscape may no longer prove profitable.

Smart investors will need to raise, invest and restructure capital in creative ways to prioritise these long-term consumer trends over short-term profit. 

Reasons to reposition

Low interest rate environment

With the low-rate environment expected to persist in the coming years alongside government stimulus, allocations to commercial real estate will continue to rise. Competitive markets require more creative investment strategies such as joint ventures, re-capitalisations and platform investments.

Renewed focus on sustainability

Historically, environment and corporate responsibility strategies lose momentum during downturns as companies focus more intently on the bottom line. But investors have ramped up their sustainability efforts. Assets and portfolios with a focus on sustainability, health & wellbeing and technology will rise in demand.

Rise of alternative lenders

Real estate investors are increasingly turning to alternative lenders to help meet their financing needs and a deeper pool of non-bank lenders has opened up new financing options, including debt products, particularly in Europe and parts of Asia. Innovative financing and refinancing methods will mitigate economic headwinds and varying valuations as the market continues its recovery.

Let's shape the future of real estate

Whatever your portfolio size or position it’s time to get a new perspective.

Investors need to reposition, diversify and repurpose

Investor Perspectives

Reposition, diversify and repurpose your assets and portfolios

Traditional real estate investment approaches are being challenged and investors need new strategies to drive returns and reduce risk.


Mitigate risk and generate greater returns

Investors will deploy capital in new sectors and locations to mitigate risk and drive long-term growth.


Build resilience to withstand future unknowns

Investors will repurpose existing assets to build resilience across their portfolio and drive performance.