„An office fit-out starts not with furnishing, especially not in the case of a historical building.”

The use of historical monuments for commercial purposes is in its golden age in Hungary.

May 09, 2019

The use of historical monuments for commercial purposes is in its golden age in Hungary, JLL, an international commercial real estate consultant, operating for 27 years in Budapest, has also contributed to the sale, leasing and fit-out construction of many eclectic properties in the capital.

In the lifecycle of such a large-scale project the project management function is affected for the longest period, it accompanies the various design and construction licensing phases of a renewable building, from the structural, interior design and technical supervision to the final handover state.

Expertise is in the limelight

But what is the difference participating in the reconstruction work of a 100-year-old historic building versus in the construction of a classical, newly-built office building? According to Péter Ádám, senior project manager at JLL Project Management (PDS), there are still few people who are experts of the realisation of such projects, therefore, inviting a team of specialists is indispensable for implementation, as many unchangeable situational and environmental conditions have to be considered. „The core is that the building should not lose its identity, serious monument protection- and other building regulations must be observed. Developing concepts dreamed by developers often requires the incorporation of new technologies, materials, or the demolition of existing elements. These works are really challenging." – added Enikő Sallai, senior project manager.

Reconstructed architectural masterpieces

Among the works of JLL is the 100-year-old Dorottya Udvar factory building's complete conversion into a modern, livable office building of 25,000 m2 or the fit-out of JLL's own office in Szabadság Square in the elegant Freedom Palace. In addition, the downtown Société Budapest building, which is also open to the public, is one of the emblematic projects of the consulting company, it has been transformed into a 4,000 m2 inspirational space as a result of a two-year process.

The international consultant's quality work is also recognised by the professional jury year by year.