Another office handover with the contribution of JLL Project Management

JLL's Project & Development Services has managed the office fit-out HQ project of one of the world's leading biotechnology research and medical companies, the new multifunctional global business service center for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

January 11, 2019

The new tenant of Advance Tower office building occupied its new office of about 3,000 sq m in its final form at the end of November 2018.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's global business service center of 3,000 sq m has been officially handed over at Váci Corridor. Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world's leading biotechnology research and medical company, employs over 70,000 people worldwide. The firm's new headquarters in Budapest is responsible for ensuring the company's European financial and customer relationship activities. JLL played an important role in the opening of the office at Advance Tower, with the help of JLL Tenant Representation Services, and the office fit-out was managed by the company's Project Management department.

For the client it was important to enable employees to work in an ergonomic work-environment, therefore JLL's team took many aspects into account when designing. The 250 workstations were individually engineered from a height-adjustable table, from a chair equipped with wheels designed to be rolled on the carpet, adjustable to the user's capabilities, from two monitors per workstations, and additional convenience IT devices. The contractor paid special attention not only to the equipment, but also to the establishment of community places. Modern community space offers the opportunity for colleagues to move their limbs during the day, and on one floor there is a 'maternity room' where mothers can be in an intimate environment with their children, separated from the office noise.

Currently, there are 150 people working in the office, whose dynamic growth is clearly supported by the office environment. The new office absolutely meets the requirements of the modern age, the company is competing with several prominent nominees in „The office of the year" award as well.