JLL, the specialist of headquarter projects

Last week, Ericsson's new Hungarian headquarter was officially handed over on the Danube bank, and it represents another successful enterprise reference in JLL's Tenant Representation and Project Management services.

June 07, 2018

Developed by Wing and as the result of the joint 4-year work of the tenant Ericsson and its representative JLL, the LEED Gold certified Ericsson House of 24,000 square meters became the most modern BTS building in Budapest tailored to individual tenants.

JLL's Tenant Representation for headquarter projects has been outstandingly successful so far, this mandate has further expanded the scope of international references. Senior Colsultant of JLL's Tenant Representation, Mária Starmann, said: „It was our honor to work with Ericsson's local and regional teams again, trusting our expertise for the umpteenth time, which is a great acknowledgment and confirmation that we are doing our job on a high level. Thanks to the old business relationship, we have a profound knowledge of the company, their needs and their operation. It was a great challenge to find a plot in the given location but beyond the traditional mapping of the market, so-called off-market, that is to say, confidentiality possibilites were discovered, and finally one of these options was the winning development opportunity. We are also thankful for the trust and quality professional cooperation with Ericsson and Wing Zrt. "

The JLL's Tenant Representation works closely with the company's Project Management department. Ericsson Headquarters project management and fit-out work was done by JLL. Head of Department, dr. Gábor Onczay and his team have gained experience in several large-scale office projects, but the Ericsson House is outstanding. The investment was the result of a long, multi-annual process, preparing 1,700 workstations for 20,000 square meters of office space. The tenant's high-tech building has been prepared for today's and future office technology challenges as well, and the office space is based on global workplace standards in material use, color space and furniture. „Such a volume of work is a great challenge, as it is getting harder to meet the deadline in the increasingly deteriorating construction industry. The specialty of the appointment was, among other things, that one of Hungary's most modern 1,000 square meters server room and innovation workshop was built here, where research and development of 5G mobile technology is underway. The 2 megawatts energy consumption of the machine room is ensured by separate independent supply inside the building, the cooling is provided by special mechanical equipment, and these mechanical engineering require special expertise. We have been working with the client since 2014, and we appreciate the trust they have built in us." added Gábor Onczay.

While in the 1990's the concept of tenant representation was known only in the West, nowadays it is common practice in the domestic office market that large companies work together with a tenant representative, since they can save considerable time and cost. In this process, JLL played a major role in its 26 years presence in Hungary, and became a leading consultant on the market, and it has the potential to show outstanding international references among its competitors. The most successful transaction of the past few years include the 35,000 square meter K&H headquarter and the E.on, SAP, ING and E&Y headquarters. In 2018, large-scale negotiations are ongoing with local and international partners, which are expected to close and be announced in the second half of the year.