Investors in a new phase of price discovery

Global Real Estate Perspective August 2022

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Global investment volumes remained stable in the second quarter, but markets are slowing from the recent pandemic rebound. Global direct investment totaled US$281 billion during the second quarter (up 2% year-over-year), bringing H1 volumes to US$566 billion (up 19% year-to-date). The U.S. market continued to outperform during the quarter. Despite widespread repricing on transactions, there is no lack of equity and debt market liquidity, upholding transaction market momentum. Activity across Asia Pacific and Europe was mixed during the quarter, amidst declining activity in China and Japan and a challenged outlook in Europe given inflation pressures and rising rates.

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The heightened global focus on price discovery is expected to moderate activity, with some investors opting to sit on the sidelines as markets reconcile pricing. However, investors remain focused on new strategies and market opportunities in the current climate, and this is supporting continued market activity